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Yay! Another Crispin Glover dream! I think it's because I haven't seen a movie with him in it for awhile.

I was married to this rich guy, and all we (me n another girl) did was sit around his fabulous indoor pool (with stained glass windows?? i dunno, my brain is weird). Well our rich guy, that I never actually saw, had a party at his house. I was wearing a fur coat and a little tiny bikini, and floating around on one of those pool rafts. Miraculously the coat never got wet. I floated over to a table where a reporter was sitting, and ta-da! Crispin Glover! He was dressed really dorky. He had on this nerd glasses and striped suspender, with striped pants. I got out of the pool and started talking to the reporter, and then realized Mr. Glover was sitting right there!! So I started freaking out and making noises about how much I adore him. The reporter laughed and then introduced me, but Mr. Glover got up and started playing with the pool water. I kept trying to give him my business card, but to no avail.

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